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Kenwood TS-590 the Elecraft K3 killer… not sure !

Kenwood TS-590 the Elecraft K3 killer… not sure !


Sardine Can Antenna

Sardine Can Antenna. is a BiQuad or Bi circle – wire length each side (8 x 1/4 waves ) 31 mm Sardine cans have quite standard dimensions around the world, although the oval one shown here is lightweight aluminium & does seem (perhaps by chance ?)to have enhanced directivity compared with more normal steel Canadian…

Spiral Antenna

Article by N9RET THE INDOOR SPIRAL DIPOLE Since well before getting my ham ticket in 1993, I had been interested in maximizing my antenna advantage within the limitations of my small living space. I would experiment with different arrangements for SWL, Scanner, AM/FM/TV and 11m antennas, mostly within the cramped confines of the attic of…

Facebook : search by amateur radio call-sign
Facebbok search ham radio call-sign

How to search Facebook for people by using their amateur radio call-sign. Examples and restrictions