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QST November 2001
QST November 2001

This evening at our local club, we were sorting old QST in our club library.
I just found this historical issue, dated November 2001.. with a hard-to-forget cover page.


How to measure bandwidth

If you have setup a ham radio Wi-Fi link and you want to measure the real throughput, copying files, or accessing to is not  really the proper way. I’ve written an article on calculating the total bandwidth  in WiFi links , and I try to eplain the reason and give you some more hints.

Florence HamFest 2014

On Saturday 12 April 2014, my local ARI Section, will organize the fourth edition of the Florentine Ham Radio Flea Market. Also for this edition, as name of the event has been choosen the popular “Florence HamFest” term. almost 60 between , private OM, and dealers will be present, includin the most popular Ham Radio…

Buddistick tuning tests
Tuning the buddistick

Today I’ve taken some time to test my latest portable antenna, the Buddistick. By using an MFJ-269 antenna analyzer I’ve tried to find the main tuning keys for this small multiband antenna. I’ve been able to find an excellent SWR and Impedance setting for the 20 meters band, but I’ve also learned that tuning this…