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Facebook : search by amateur radio call-sign
Facebbok search ham radio call-sign

How to search Facebook for people by using their amateur radio call-sign. Examples and restrictions


Your QRZ on Facebook profile page

Thanks to an online petition made via  promoted by NW7OR,  starting from today facebook  allow to add your own ham radio  call-sign as altenate name and have it displayed in your public profile page This should allow others to look for your your by using  your QRZ. This is how appears now my Facebook profile…

QST November 2001
QST November 2001

This evening at our local club, we were sorting old QST in our club library.
I just found this historical issue, dated November 2001.. with a hard-to-forget cover page.


How to measure bandwidth

If you have setup a ham radio Wi-Fi link and you want to measure the real throughput, copying files, or accessing to is not  really the proper way. I’ve written an article on calculating the total bandwidth  in WiFi links , and I try to eplain the reason and give you some more hints.