The CobWebb Antenna

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    cobweb antenna

The G3TPW Cobwebb antenna covers five bands, 14 - 28 mhz, including the WARC bands. It is made by SRW Commuications Ltd (Steve Webb), Astrid House, Swinton, Malton, N. Yorkshire YO17 0SY (tel: 01653 697513).


It is strongly made using fibre glass rods and comes pretuned, but is easily adjusted to one's own frequency of preferrence if required.


It consists of five nested dipole balun fed and mounted horizontally. Rotation is not required. Fed with 50 ohm coax. Can be used indoors in a loft as it only measures eight feet across and is very light to handle.


Particularly recommended for those with restricted space.

Source g3ycc