eSoftAnywhere DSP & More

This freeware software performs DSP (Digital Signal Processing) on audio signals received from an input line on your computer’s sound card. It is specifically intended for processing audio signals from short wave, amateur (ham) radios, or any other radio to “clean up” or improve the listening quality of radio signals. It can also improve radio signal quality before the signal is sent to a radio modem or TNC (Terminal Node Controller)


Offer audio recording functionalities.


A logbook feature is incorporated so that radio contacts and transmissions may be recorded (something practically mandatory for ham radio operators and often practiced by short wave listeners as well). There are a great many other features available, just browse through the help file.

To properly use eSoftAnywhere DSP & More you will generally need to run an audio cable from your radio audio output jack to the microphone or other input jack on your computer’s sound card. The Audio Wizard can then fine-tune your sound card audio levels for use by the audio processing features of the software.

By Konrad Byers VE1EXE (sk)


Download eSoftwAnywhere DSP & More  (3.8 Mb)