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24.06.2018-28.06.2018 T88HR,T88TJ,T88YL

Period: 24.06.2018-28.06.2018DXCC: T8Callsign: T88HRT88TJT88YLKoror Island (OC-009) by Yutaka/JH1MLO, Chusuke/JR1FKR and Tatsuko/JJ1BDT.

01.07.2018-25.07.2018 P29RR

Period: 01.07.2018-25.07.2018DXCC: P2Callsign: P29RRRoly, ZL1BQD.

25.06.2018-12.07.2018 H44MS

Period: 25.06.2018-12.07.2018DXCC: H4Callsign: H44MSMalaita Island (OC-047) by Bernhard, DL2GAC.

24.06.2018-30.06.2018 BW/DF8DX

Period: 24.06.2018-30.06.2018DXCC: BVCallsign: BW/DF8DXBodo, DF8DX.

28.06.2018-03.07.2018 KB3KYH/VP9

Period: 28.06.2018-03.07.2018DXCC: VP9Callsign: KB3KYH/VP9Bermuda (NA-005) by Bill, KB3KYH.

01.07.2018-11.07.2018 VQ5Z

Period: 01.07.2018-11.07.2018DXCC: VP5Callsign: VQ5ZProvidenciales Island (NA-002) by Peter/VE3IKV and Bill/W4TAA/VE3MMQ.

26.06.2018-28.06.2018 VK5CE/6

Period: 26.06.2018-28.06.2018DXCC: VKCallsign: VK5CE/6St. Peter Island (OC-220) by Craig, VK5CE.https://vkiota.wordpress.com/vk5ce-6

30.06.2018-07.07.2018 5Q6D,5Q9F

Period: 30.06.2018-07.07.2018DXCC: OZCallsign: 5Q6D5Q9FRømø Island (EU-125) by Dirk/DD5KD and Frank/OE9KFV.

01.07.2018-14.07.2018 OX3LX

Period: 01.07.2018-14.07.2018DXCC: OXCallsign: OX3LXBo, OZ1DJJ.http://geronne.dk/index.php/ox3lx/ox3lx-dxped

27.06.2018-29.06.2018 OJ0Y

Period: 27.06.2018-29.06.2018DXCC: OJ0Callsign: OJ0YMarket Reef (EU-053) by Emil/DL8JJ, Paul/G4PVM and Col/MM0NDX. QSL via M0SDV.

27.06.2018-06.07.2018 KH7Z

Period: 27.06.2018-06.07.2018DXCC: KH7KCallsign: KH7ZBaker Island (OC-089, BAK-001) by 9V1YC, AA7A, AA7JV, HA7RY, JN1THL, KN4EEI, K6MM, K6TD, N1DG, N4HU, N4XP, N6HC, N6MZ, ND2T, WJ2O.http://www.baker2018.net

25.06.2018-05.07.2018 6W/ON4AZP

Period: 25.06.2018-05.07.2018DXCC: 6WCallsign: 6W/ON4AZPDominic, ON4AZP.

South Cook Is: Mar 14-22, 2019 -- E51HMK -- QSL via: LotW

Mar 14-22, 2019 -- South Cook Is -- E51HMK -- QSL: LotW -- Source: TDDX (Jun 22, 2018) -- By DK2HM fm Rarotonga (IOTA OC-013); mainly SSB, some digital; QSL also OK via DK2HM (Buro or direct), Club Log, eQSL

Isle of Man: Jul 14-21, 2018 -- MD0XAL -- QSL via: M0XAL

Jul 14-21, 2018 -- Isle of Man -- MD0XAL -- QSL: M0XAL -- Source: TDDX (Jun 22, 2018) -- By M0XAL fm Port Erin; 80 40 20 10m; holiday style operation

Baker and Howland Is: Jun 27-Jul 6, 2018 -- KH1 -- QSL via: LotW

Jun 27-Jul 6, 2018 -- Baker and Howland Is -- KH1 -- QSL: LotW -- Source: MM0NDX (Aug 25, 2017) -- By N1DG N4XP K6TD VA7DX + team as KH1/KH7Z fm IOTA OC-089; 160-6m; CW SSB + digital; QSL also OK via Club Log (preferred) and K4TSJ direct (w/ SASE or $2 or 2 Euros)