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29.04.2017-06.05.2017 ZF2AB

Period: 29.04.2017-06.05.2017DXCC: ZFCallsign: ZF2ABCayman Islands (NA-016) by Al, KZ3AB. QSL via WA3EOP.

24.04.2017-07.05.2017 V4/W1CDC

Period: 24.04.2017-07.05.2017DXCC: V4Callsign: V4/W1CDCSaint Kitts Island (NA-104) by Alex, W1CDC.

28.04.2017-06.05.2017 JR1LZK/6,JE1HXZ/6

Period: 28.04.2017-06.05.2017DXCC: JACallsign: JR1LZK/6JE1HXZ/6Minami-Daito (AS-047) by Tak/JR1LZK and Mitsu/JE1HXZ.

30.04.2017-06.05.2017 MC0VRC/P

Period: 30.04.2017-06.05.2017DXCC: GWCallsign: MC0VRC/PYnys Gybi (EU-124) by Mark/G0GDA, Keith/M0KJA and Nigel/G0GDA.

30.04.2017-06.05.2017 MC0VRC

Period: 30.04.2017-06.05.2017DXCC: GWCallsign: MC0VRCYnys Gybi (EU-124) by Mark/G0GQT, Keith/M0KJA and Nigel/G0GDA.

28.04.2017-13.05.2017 E51DLD

Period: 28.04.2017-13.05.2017DXCC: E5/SCCallsign: E51DLDRarotonga Island (OC-013) by Doug, W6HB.

30.04.2017-12.05.2017 E51BAS,E51DLD

Period: 30.04.2017-12.05.2017DXCC: E5/SCCallsign: E51BASE51DLDRarotonga Island (OC-013) by Bruce/AD7MM (E51BAS) and Doug/W6HB (E51DLD).

25.04.2017-06.05.2017 A25UK

Period: 25.04.2017-06.05.2017DXCC: A2Callsign: A25UKNobby/G0VJG, Nick/G4FAL, Giles/M0TGV, Tony/G4LDL and Edd/GM0WED.http://www.a25uk.com

25.04.2017-06.05.2017 A25UK

Period: 25.04.2017-06.05.2017DXCC: A2Callsign: A25UKNobby/G0VJG, Dave/ G4BUO, Nick/G4FAL, Graham/G4FNL, Tony/G4LDL, YL Glenys/G8KWD, Guy/G0UKN, Martin/M0MDR, Toby/M0TBS and Giles/M0TGV.http://www.a25uk.com

29.04.2017-01.05.2017 9M8RC

Period: 29.04.2017-01.05.2017DXCC: 9M6Callsign: 9M8RCSatang Besar Island (OC-165) by Dennis/9W8DEN, Allpa/9M8ADX and Aldrin/9M8WAT. QSL via 9W8KIF.

Activation of Mull (EU-008)

From 22-Apr-2017 13:00 UTC until 02-May-2017 13:00 UTC, the callsign 2M0GUA will be activated by 2M0GUA. QSL Information - QSL DirectrnQSL BureaurneQSLrnLOTWrnall to 2M0GUA/2E0GUA. Part of a family holiday but hope to be active on HF, 2m & 70cm from various locations during our stay Submitted by 2E0GUA. For more information, see the website:... [continue]

Activation of Bruny (OC-233)

From 22-Apr-2017 07:00 UTC until 24-Apr-2017 00:00 UTC, the callsign VK5CE/7 will be activated by VK5CE. QSL Information - [https:] For more information, see the website: [https:]

Activation of Garden (NA-079)

From 22-Apr-2017 01:00 UTC until 24-Apr-2017 17:00 UTC, the callsign N4T will be activated by NE4LS, KE4IDW. QSL Information - VIA NE4LS PAPER ONLY - NO LOTW or eQSL. We are also activating the two lighthouses (Garden Key and Loggerhead Key) and the Dry Tortugas National Park (NPOTA) Submitted by NE4LS. For more information, see the website: [s9... [continue]

Temotu: Sep 30-Oct 20, 2017 -- H40GC -- QSL via: LotW

Sep 30-Oct 20, 2017 -- Temotu -- H40GC -- QSL: LotW -- Source: LZ1GC (Jan 20, 2017) -- By LZ1GC; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY PSK; QSL also OK via LZ1GC or Club Log

Vietnam: Apr 29-May 12, 2017 -- 3W9FU -- QSL via: LotW

Apr 29-May 12, 2017 -- Vietnam -- 3W9FU -- QSL: LotW -- Source: 4L5A (Apr 21, 2017) -- By RM0F; HF; Steppir, Buddipole; QSL also OK via RM0F and Club Log