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30.03.2020-12.04.2020 XW4XR

Period: 30.03.2020-12.04.2020DXCC: XWCallsign: XW4XRBruce, 3W3B.

23.06.2020-02.04.2020 VP5/AF3K,VP5/W2TT

Period: 23.06.2020-02.04.2020DXCC: VP5Callsign: VP5/AF3KVP5/W2TTProvidenciales Island (NA-002) by John/AF3K and Ross/W2TT.

03.04.2020-10.04.2020 R207RRC

Period: 03.04.2020-10.04.2020DXCC: UA9Callsign: R207RRCKosa Dvukh Pilotov Island (AS-207, RDA CK-05, RRA RR-11-05) by Victor/UA3AKO, Yuri/UA0KBG and Alexander/RA3AV.http://r207rrc.ru

01.04.2020-07.04.2020 FJ/OH2IS

Period: 01.04.2020-07.04.2020DXCC: FJCallsign: FJ/OH2ISSaint Barthelemy Island (NA-146) by Ismo, OH2IS.

27.03.2020-03.04.2020 ET3AA

Period: 27.03.2020-03.04.2020DXCC: ETCallsign: ET3AAKen, K4ZW.

23.03.2020-31.03.2020 D4F

Period: 23.03.2020-31.03.2020DXCC: D4Callsign: D4FSao Vicente Island (AF-086) by Massimo "Max", IZ4DPV.

25.03.2020-30.03.2020 ZF2PG

Period: 25.03.2020-30.03.2020DXCC: ZFCallsign: ZF2PGSunny Isle of Grand Cayman (NA-016) by Pete, K8PGJ.

26.03.2020-01.04.2020 ZC4MK

Period: 26.03.2020-01.04.2020DXCC: ZC4Callsign: ZC4MKAdrian, G0KOM.

23.03.2020-03.04.2020 TU2R

Period: 23.03.2020-03.04.2020DXCC: TUCallsign: TU2RRoger/ON7TQ, Olivier/ON4EI, Ron/ON1DX and Ief/ON6KX.https://tu2r.wordpress.com

27.03.2020-31.03.2020 T88JH

Period: 27.03.2020-31.03.2020DXCC: T8Callsign: T88JHKoror Island (OC-009) by Yoshiaki, JR3QFB.

27.03.2020-30.03.2020 GT0SP

Period: 27.03.2020-30.03.2020DXCC: GDCallsign: GT0SPIsle of Man (EU-115) by Billy/GM6DX, Iain/GM5YTT and Stevie/GM2TT.http://scarlett.no-ip.org:8081/live/index.html?Language=0

Kosovo: Oct 19-28, 2020 -- Z66DX -- QSL via: LoTW

Oct 19-28, 2020 -- Kosovo -- Z66DX -- QSL: LoTW -- Source: DL2AWG (Dec 13, 2019) -- By DM2AUJ DL2AWG + 4 others; 160-10m (no 60m); CW SSB RTTY FT8; 2 stns, 24/7; 14 days during this period

Sint Maarten: Feb 29-Mar 21, 2020 -- PJ7AA -- QSL via: LoTW

Feb 29-Mar 21, 2020 -- Sint Maarten -- PJ7AA -- QSL: LoTW -- Source: 425DXN (Feb 14, 2020) -- By AA9A; 80-10m; CW FT8 SSB; QSL also OK via Club Log OQRS and AA9A direct

Easter I: Sep 15-30, 2020 -- XR0YSP -- QSL via: LoTW

Sep 15-30, 2020 -- Easter I -- XR0YSP -- QSL: LoTW -- Source: SP6EQZ (Mar 14, 2020) -- By SP3CYY SP3GEM SP6EQZ SP6IXF SP9FOW SP9RCL; 160-10m; CW SSB FT8; QSL via SP6IXF Buro

14.03.2020-20.03.2020 V26FK

Period: 14.03.2020-20.03.2020DXCC: V2Callsign: V26FKAntigua Island (NA-100) by Fred, ND4DX.