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27.05.2017-03.06.2017 OJ0W

Period: 27.05.2017-03.06.2017DXCC: OJ0Callsign: OJ0WMarket Reef (EU-053) by Pasi/OH3WS.

Bahamas: Jun 7-16, 2017 -- C6A -- QSL via: Home Call

Jun 7-16, 2017 -- Bahamas -- C6A -- QSL: Home Call -- Source: K2KW (May 22, 2017) -- By K2KW as C6ATA (QSL also via LotW), K6KLY as C6ALY, K8CC as C6ACC fm FL15wc; 6m and up, some HF

Activation of Vaggo (EU-177)

From 22-May-2017 12:00 UTC until 24-May-2017 20:00 UTC, the callsign SD7V/5 will be activated by DL2VFR. QSL Information - QSL direct or bureau to #DL2VFR. QRV from EU-177 for a few hours during daylight at least once within the given time. For more information, see the website: [www.iota-expedition.com] ... [continue]

25.05.2017-29.05.2017 ZA/OU2I

Period: 25.05.2017-29.05.2017DXCC: ZACallsign: ZA/OU2IHenning, OZ1BII.

23.05.2017-18.06.2017 Z25DX

Period: 23.05.2017-18.06.2017DXCC: Z2Callsign: Z25DXTom, KC0W.

26.05.2017-28.05.2017 XF2L

Period: 26.05.2017-28.05.2017DXCC: XECallsign: XF2LIsla de Lobos (NA-221). QSL direct to XE1SOV.


Period: 27.05.2017-29.05.2017DXCC: WCallsign: Grand Isle (NA-168) by Allen/KV4T and Bridget/KS4YT.

28.05.2017-05.06.2017 VP2V/K6TOP

Period: 28.05.2017-05.06.2017DXCC: VP2VCallsign: VP2V/K6TOPBritish Virgin Islands (NA-023) by Kevin, K6TOP.

20.05.2017-25.05.2017 OY/DF3MC,OY/DL8JJ

Period: 20.05.2017-25.05.2017DXCC: OYCallsign: OY/DF3MCOY/DL8JJFaroe Islands (EU-018) by Martin/DF3MC and Emil/DL8JJ.

27.05.2017-03.06.2017 HB0/ON5UR

Period: 27.05.2017-03.06.2017DXCC: HB0Callsign: HB0/ON5URMax, ON5UR.

23.05.2017-27.05.2017 MU/ON6EF,MU/ON4AFW

Period: 23.05.2017-27.05.2017DXCC: GUCallsign: MU/ON6EFMU/ON4AFWGuernsey (EU-114) by Eddy/ON6EF and Wilfried/ON4AFW.

20.05.2017-15.06.2017 5Z4/OZ1AA

Period: 20.05.2017-15.06.2017DXCC: 5ZCallsign: 5Z4/OZ1AAThomas, OZ1AA.

Activation of Saint-Nicolas (EU-094)

From 21-May-2017 18:00 UTC until 26-May-2017 13:00 UTC, the callsign TM7U will be activated by ON4KZ,ON5HC,ON7PQ,ON8AZ. QSL Information - ON8AZ. Submitted by ON7PQ. For more information, see the website: [TM7U.be]

Mauritania: Sep 16-28, 2017 -- 5T5OK -- QSL via: LotW

Sep 16-28, 2017 -- Mauritania -- 5T5OK -- QSL: LotW -- Source: MM0NDX (May 21, 2017) -- By OK1BOA OK1CRM OK6DJ OK1FCJ OK1GK OK2ZA OK2ZI 5T0JL 5T2AI; 160-6m; SSB CW RTTY; 100w; yagis, verticals; QSL also OK via OK6DJ

Guernsey: May 23-27, 2017 -- GU -- QSL via: ON6EF

May 23-27, 2017 -- Guernsey -- GU -- QSL: ON6EF -- Source: 4L5A (May 21, 2017) -- By ON6EF as MU/ON6EF, ON4AFW and ON6VJ likewise; also fm Sark I (May 25) and Herm I (May 26); HF