A Stealthy 75 meter Antenna

  • A Stealthy 75 meter Antenna
    A Stealthy 75 meter Antenna

The 75 meter dipole at K7ZB was put up to meet the need for making contacts with friends in the Southwest and Southern California. As usual, it had to be put up so no one can see it from the surrounding neighborhood.

The objective was accomplished as shown below, which is the site drawing for the installation. It follows the contour of the home, yard and landscaping as much as possible - sacrificing gain and pattern for merely pumping a signal into the clouds and surrounding area.

K7ZB painted the wire forest green to match the background of the foliage or desert sand to match the usual house paint used in the majority of residences in the Valley of the Sun.

It is very hard to see even when you know it's there!



A good technical explanation of dipoles that are tortured like this one is available at L.B. Cebik's (W4RNL) antenna webpage shown below.



Fold, Bend, and Mutilate or Making a Dipole Fit the Space Available L. B. Cebik, W4RNL




original article by K7ZB  was available here pages.zdnet.com/radio_k7zb/id11.html